Sent: Thursday, December 30, 1999 2:15 AM
Subject: Stop aging

Mr. Kirsch,

recently Mr. Fuchs told me, that you perhaps want to fund anti-aging-research. He also told me, that you could need more information on that. So here is some of the information, I know. Many famous researchers believe, that aging can be stopped or reversed. For example, Prof. Tom Kirkwood (University of Manchester), the inventor of the program-theory on aging, thinks, that aging is neither necessary nor inevitable. But we must learn more about the genes involved in the aging-process. Prof. Michael Fossel (Michigan State University) even thinks, that we will be able to stop aging in about 20 years. There are many other researchers, who think the same way, so there is much hope for the future. There are some organizations, that deal with (anti)-aging-research. Here are some of the most interesting: -National Institute on Aging -American Federation For Aging Research (PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE LINKS- there are many more interesting organizations there)

I write you, as I think, you can help stop aging by (1)funding anti-aging-research and (2) telling other people about the nearly unlimited possibilities for mankind by biomedical research on aging. What can be more important than saving the lifes of our loved ones? And another point, if we can stop aging, we can prevent age-related deseases, like diabetes, osteoporosis, ..... Let me finfish with the words of Robert Ettinger: "Being born is not a crime so why must it carry a sentence of death?"

Manfred Forster