Five ways I'd like to see Bush change his campaign

New campaign slogan: "A Reformer Without Results" 

New web site: George "Honest Dubya"  Bush official campaign website: This is the website that should have been Bush's official website. If it had been, I might have voted for him because at least he would have been honest and upfront about his record. Wouldn't it be nice if all politicians were like this?

New publicist: Molly Ivins

New TV commercial: "I trust you, but you can't trust me. You can't trust me to tell the truth about my record. You can't trust me to pay any attention to scientific data like global warming and proof that I've been fibbing about my education gains. You can't trust me to deliver any results on my top priority. The good news is that I haven't committed any felonies for at least 25 years and I've been arrested only 3 times and I stopped drinking when I was 40. While I was a failure as a businessman, I'm a pretty good governor and people seem to like me. I did admit I'm not ready to be president to the LA Times, but things can change in a few months. At least I'm honest about it."

New outlook on life: Adopt a new "if the evidence is strong, believe the evidence" outlook on life.

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