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I've removed the names here to protect folks from a torrent of e-mails. I've done the same thing on the FAQ page for people who wrote negative things.

This is part 2 of e-maill feedback

Why do people believe that Bush has such noble character? You only have to look as far as his choice for a running mate to see how self-serving and hypocritical he really is.

I am not an attorney, but I can read the constitution. It clearly states that the electors, president and vice-president cannot be inhabitants of the same state. So how did they get around this, since both have lived in Texas for years? Cheney moved his voting status back to Wyoming. Is that following a purist, constructionist viewpoint of the constitution? I don't think so.

It is very hypocritical and unethical for Bush to state that he will appoint strict constructionists to the Supreme Court when he is sidestepping the constitution himself. A constructionist would say that the framers of the constitution specifically did not want to have two Texas oilmen controlling the executive branch of government because of the obvious imbalance of power this situation creates.

I'm not a constructionist myself, so that's not my complaint. He said he was, so he should be taken to task for violating it.

Where is the press in this election? Are they so afraid of advertisers, i.e., pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, tobacco companies, Microsoft, etc. that they have lost their objectivity? They slam Gore for trivial misinformation, but they give Bush a pass on a Constitutional issue. I don't get it. Maybe I do and that's what's so disillusioning.

Thanks for letting me vent.


In my personal opinion Bush lost the election the first day he opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it. The man can not say anything that sounds intelligent, but more like rantings of an uneducated man. He probably was one that just got through school himself under the Texas education system.

We will see today who is the better person to run the government, and I am hoping that it will be Gore and not Bush.

R.A. Hager


This information is so valuable! Thank you! It's awesome to read Silicon Valley is using it's power to change old school politics.

I would love to know why young Republican graduates of public universities making $100,000 PRETEND not to remember the struggles THEY fought JUST to get one breath away from the people they ridicule while Silicon Valley, which could easily afford to join the rank and file of the Republican party, GETS IT! I APPLAUD you for using you power and influence to do what WE ALL said we would do when we grew up. The American dream WAS NEVER to make just enough money to lease a Lexus; the American dream is to have a system where we CAN ALL get an equal education so everyone can make their intellectual and creative dreams come true.

<name withheld>, Los Angeles

Hi Steve...Thank you for your msg on yahoo, at least there are quite clever Americans around. Iam writting from S/Africa and still cannot believe George W can be trusted with the presidency. Are you guys short of leaders? Or is it just the case of "the names we know"? How will Bush engage in an intelligent conversion with other world leaders? He seems to extremely clueless on most issues, he is a real embarrasment to the intelligence of the average American! Please Americans, do the right thing today!!


Dear Steve: Thank you for putting up an ad on Yahoo regarding the choice America has on Nov. 07. Yours is a very different and refreshingly honest type of propaganda.

I am SO sick of receiving emails from all over the net loaded with worthless propaganda. You know the kind...that has no author and is loaded with unverified statistics. Unfortunately, this unreliable kind of propaganda has become more the norm and less the exception these days. We as a society, have decided to let anyone say anything and have it accepted as fact and as truth without holding it to the tests of reliability and honesty.

I am so happy to have seen your ad, that I have copied it and forwarded it to friends urging them to see the very different kind of information that is provided in your ad, and how it is presented.

Thanks again, not just for the ad, but for everything you have done on behalf of Americans everywhere. Keep up the good work.

If you like Earth and living here, and you want to raise your children on a livable planet, and if you want them to be able to drink the water and breath the air and play outside, and if you like open spaces and national parks, then tomorrow, you will vote for Al Gore.

Look at Bush's environmental record in Texas: It's pathetic. Houston has the worst air in the US, and Bush has promised to relax current federal clean-air standards. Gore endorses the Clean Air Act and wants to explore alternative fuels.

Recently, scientists predicted that global warming may be much more drastic than we thought, and while not all scientists agree (and I'm a bit skeptical) that global warming will yield catastrophic results, it's like playing Russian Roulette on a planetary scale. Do you want to take that chance with your children's future?

Al Gore understands complex scientific issues such as global warming. George Bush does not. George Bush has promised to open pristine Alaskan areas, such as national wildlife refuges, to oil drilling. Remember the Exxon Valdez? We should not allow our national treasures to be violated so American oil companies can turn a quick profit by selling American oil on the world market. Gore opposes opening up the Alaskan wilderness for oil drilling.

Bush has also vowed to overturn President Clinton's recent national monument proclamations. Logging in sequoia groves would resume. We'll leave our children with nothing preserved.

A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush, and a vote for Bush is a vote to sacrifice the planet for for profit.

While the environment is probably the most important reason to vote for Gore, it's not the only one. The following link explores Bush's record on education:

Do the right thing. Get out and vote tomorrow!

Frank Clark


Thank you for paying for and putting the piece on Bush's education record. I am emailing it to everyone I know.


-Mike Grishaver

Unfortunately I Did not read your add in the New York Times But Education isn't the only issue Bush falls short on. He is really off base with the Social Security Issue. What's going to happen when a person paying into a private plan instead of Social Security gets hurt and permanently disabled?? It's going to fall back onto the people paying into the system to support that person and his or her family. There are so many short comings in the Bush campaign they just can not all be listed. I hope and pray that the American People see through his BS before tomorrow. A Vote For Gore is the only Vote on November 7th Keith

Hello Steve

I just wanted to drop a note in appreciation of your site regarding Bush. I have tried for weeks to find valuable information regarding his record, and this is the first I have found that outlines everything I was looking for. I have forwarded it on to everyone I know, hoping to curb the public's appetite for this man who seemingly knows nothing about anything.

Also, congrats on all your achievements, its great to see someone in the tech world give back so much. I work for an internet start up right now, and I know how much work it is to build a successful company.

Best of luck in the future, and keep up the good work.

Kind regards

David J. Quilty

What a loser this Bush character is. No doubt he will become our next President, although I dont see how, and I think if ever a need for a revolution exist, now is the time. I am a Texan, born and raised, but dont live there anymore. My 84 year old father does though and they are scared shitless that they will be reduced to living in squalor as they know the damage that this Idiot will force on seniors and the rest of us.We can only pray that Gore becomes our next President and continue the good works the democrats have done for the under 300,000 dollar income brackets.

When I saw your ad it was like waking up from the longest dream or nightmare. Whatever happens today (now), you have give me hope, because the mainstream and brain-dead news media and American public have not.

"Mark in Seattle"


Good work in educating (hopefully, and never too late) the general populous about Bush. Maybe some Texas voters will believe you - even if you are from (ohhhh, scary) California. I'm a Californian stuck in Texas for over 20 years - my only son just escaped (graduated) middle and high school years under TAAS and a frighteningly inadequate educational system. Good work on the issues....I voted early, and for Gore so you are preaching to the choir in my case, but you may change some minds, and help the undecided...I'm praying!


Steve --

Wow. Your site is so comprehensive and well annotated I can't believe it.

Must've taken you weeks to put together. Very impressive.

Keep up the great work!

I was browsing the net today and looking at where I need to be to vote tomorrow, and I saw a banner add on Yahoo (which had the map that the registrar of voters sent me to) that linked to your page about Bush's lies about his "Education Miracle". I am really impressed by your willingness and ability to get to the bottom of this issue, and to challenge others to challenge you back, both responsably and intelligently. This commands respect, and I am very impressed.

I was honestly moved, and impressed with the kind of person you present yourself to be. I cought myself thinking "I'd like to work with that kind of person", so I looked up Propel, and I would like to consider working with you.


I read your comments. Bravo! If Bush is elected, it will be not only a dark day for the U.S., but for the world too. He will be taking the US back to the Dark Ages.

Let's hope sanity prevails and Bush loses. The frigtening part is, why does Bush enjoy so much support in the first place? He is nothing but a dumb, rich redneck.

Mark Dake

Seoul, Korea

Mr. Kirsch,

Let me begin by saying that I will be voting for Gore in a few hours. With that said, I just wanted to point out that Al Gore did smoke dope in college. He admitted to it when he was running for the senate in Tennessee. Was it a problem? Well he also said he never bought dope. This sounds like code for "I smoked a whole lot of someone else's dope." The only reason I presume that Bush never brought this up is because Bush used cocaine. Both candidates have a confirmed past with either alcohol abuse or drug use and this is why neither of them mention the bullshit "War on Drugs". Knowing all of this, the decision comes down to picking your poison and at least Gore will kiss me before giving it to me.

Respectfully, Jesus Valadez

P.S. I think what your doing is really "cool" for lack of a better word.

Hi Steve: I've read just some of the comments, but read all your comments. I couldn't agree more. I want to expand on Gore promises....Here they are:

Al Gore...

*wants to spend 100 times more on education ($115 billion compared to $14 billion) than Bush *wants to hire 100,000 more teachers to get class sizes smaller *is against school vouchers - money should go to public education *is for modernization and re-building of schools and will put federal dollars for it *will pay down the national debt *is for a woman's right to choose, which strongly affects our teens who cannot vote *will not destroy the Alaskan forest in search of oil *will not bankrupt Social Security * more humanitarian - has not executed people like Bush has *will keep affirmative action

You have hears Alabama is Bush country. That well may be for some, but as for me, I tell you now, I wouldn't vote for that son of a Bush!!!

To me it is even scarier that people would choose Bush because he smiles or that he opposes a woman's right to choose. Around here someone called Alabamians "political neanderthals" because any pied piper who waves his flag the most and thumps his Bible the loudest gets elected. And, when I consider that this president will pick supreme court justices, I know in my heart we must elect Al Gore president!

Well by the time you get this it will be election day and mercifully the campaigning will end. I just want to thank you, THANK YOU, for putting down some money to tell the truth. I have watched in frustration (the magnitude of which defies description) Bush going up in the polls while running the most substance-less campaign I have ever seen.

Never has one candidate been so woefully unprepared for the office of President, and never has it been so emphatically displayed as in George Bush's case. I just can't understand it. I literally look at the polls in disbelief. Either the people who favor Bush have never actually seen him showing his propensity for intellectual shortcomings, or they're idiots. Never has one candidate (Gore) been more eminently qualified, prepared, and suited to the position of President than his foe (Bush). How is this even a race? On the topics that matter, Bush couldn't beat his own Vice President selection... hell he couldn't beat me.

What are people thinking about? Have they forgotten the legacy of trickle down economics? Have they forgotten that the Health Care reform that Bush is now aggressively pushing is the same Health Care reform that the Republicans fought tooth and nail only a few years ago? On what grounds... no... on what plane of reality does any person that's still in control of their mental facilities even consider voting for Bush? Do the laws of gravity apply here?

Not only is Bush not qualified, but he is an angels breath away from being pure idiot. At this point no one's going to change their mind about their vote... I just think it's a shame that America could be so easily fooled by campaign slogans, applause lines, and other political smoke and mirrors when the truth is obvious. I appreciate that you tried to do something about it. I have too, hopefully to avail.

Grab a friend, go vote, and pray.

I read your banner ad from and it inspired me to quit listening and become pro-active. I sent a personal note to all my friends, family and acquantices (see below). I wish I would have done it earlier but I can't believe that this race is even close. I hope you had this profound effect on everyone who visits your websites. Thanks a million, Joe Garcia

My note:

I am sorry I couldn't take it anymore. You get lots of bad email, mine won't be the worse. Hope you read my note.

For those of you considering Bush, please consider this resume would not get you a job to head a company much less as the leader of the free world: - six years experience in government holding an elected position (we do not count the years as a staff person for the Honorable George Bush Sr). Governor of Texas no less, do you want to live there and have you ever done business there? I sure would not want to go to school there. Try being arrested...

- Baseball Team minority owner, not much success here.

- Son of a great past president. I would vote for Sr before I would vote for "W". George Bush Sr has a resume to lead and showed his dedication to public service.

For those of you who think BUSH has ANY accomplishments, please visit this website:

We need to quit voting with our pocketbooks (proposed tax refund). We have a PROJECTED surplus after years of deficit spending (that was tripled during the term of the Reagan Republicans). Shouldn't we pay for the budgets already spent (over three trillion dollars in debt). We should at least fix some significant problems before we start giving money back: Social Security, Medicare, Education, poverty, or the country's infrastructure of which commerce is very dependent.

If Elected Bush will be indebted to the wealthy, large business organizations; not to the people he is supposed to serve. For once, let the government make a concerted effort to make EVERYONE better off. The wealthy and large businesses don't need help. They find a way to take care of themselves and have had success during every administration: Republican or Democratic. I hope you vote, either way. Joe

===== Joe Garcia

After reading questions from both sides, I cannot believe how stupid people are. Bush is really an idiot and his supporters are forgetting that Bush is nothing but a rich bum who lived off his daddy. For God's sake, the man can't read! God help this country if he is elected.

I wish that I had found my way to your site long ago. As an Internet Entrepreneur myself, one who has not quite reached your level of success, I just wanted you to know that had I the resources, I hope that I would have used them as you have.

Regardless of how things turn out tomorrow, I am pleased to know that there are other open minded people out there who are willing to "put their money where their mouth is."



Sincerely thank you for posting the truth for everyone to read. Bush is nothing but a rich, spoiled, self gratifying, pampered and indulged adult brat. I think he's trying to re-establish the Bush political legacy to avenge for his father's shame and failure as president.

With all the facts we know about this pathetic liar, I just can't belive the support he's been abel to get on his side. Are those people so afraid of the success and progress we've had in the last 8 years that they're willing to back a man so obviously blinded by his own illusions of grandeur. I will never be able to understand why this race has been at all close.

I thank you for posting the facts, and helping to educate some people of the length this disgusting man will go to just to try to win this election.

Again, thank you. A.J. Serrano

Steve --

I wanted to thank you for running the ad highlighting many of Bush's shortcomings. It has been so evident to me for so long that this man should not be President, yet I could not understand why most of American still thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. I am amazed at the number of Americans this man has fooled. The last thing America (or the world) needs now is Bush to be our next President

I applaud you for getting the real facts in front of America and I can only hope that it has opened up the eyes of those who have bought into his (Bush's) lies and distortions.

Thanks again

Scott LeBlang

Mr. Kirsch,

Nice seeing your ad at the top of Yahoo! I'm proud to consider myself part of your team. I'm voting Gore in a few hours and am especially glad to hear someone that recognizes the damage the republicans did to the US economy. When I graduated college in 1991, there were no jobs for new college grads. My sister in law just graduated and she's now making a great living at a startup. Trickle down never worked for me because too many people at the top refused to invest. I hope we've all learned our lesson.

Aaron Miller

Hi Steve

Thanks for posting your ad on the internet.

I am Australian.

Most of us can not understand why so many Americans are taking Bush seriously. We are pretty tough on our leaders, and if someone like G.W.Bush appeared on the political scene he'd be laughed out of town.

I am hoping for a miracle on Tuesday, that Al Gore wins the presidency.

To quote an Australian cricketing term, Al Gore has the "runs on the board". He is intelligent, and is the only presidential candidate that the rest of the world is going to take seriously.

Perhaps G.W. could get a job as a stand up comic?

Neil Ennis

Just found your website and information on Bush. Only wish I would have run across it earlier. It is superb. I hope you keep up the effort in the future. Thanks.

Why weren't you out sooner? It sickens me every time I hear the poles say Bush is ahead. I can not believe any one would vote for such a nothing!!! Is this the best money can buy the American people?? Is this what we want to show the world is "Our Leader" ?? Why can't the press be more honest and lay it out that he's lazy, ignorant and a liar...who never has achieved any thing in his life except to live off his family's name.


I gave up getting my news off the TV last year when I sensed the "liberal press" was so infested with right wing propaganda it could no longer be trusted (save PBS).

Nice to see some common sense out there, and thank you for all your good works.

Brian Schwarz

I totally AGREE with all of the previous comments. Bush talks of a new beginning. I ask,"Why?" If it aint broke, don't fix it! is a perfect saying at this juncture! Its FRIGHTENING to think that George W. could possibly be President. It also seems he wants to send troops somewhere to fight. Ugh! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE MORON HE IS! I suppose Mom & Dad Bush will sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom, God forbid. Thanks Steve! BS

After watching all three debates, I could not understand why bush was even remotely considered to be in the same league as Gore. His "fuzzy" answers only proved that he knew very little about any subject. He thinks he's pretty funny and people just ate it up. Can't you just picture him telling some world leaders about his "fuzzy" knowledge and intelligence. Why he would think that his governor experience is any great accomplishment or relevant to qualify himself for the president is a real farce. Thanks for the great information, keep up the good work and I hope enough people will read it and vote GORE

Howdy Steve -

My name is Derick and I'm a Web designer for an American company here in Germany. I'm writing simply to say that I really enjoyed your article on the Bush education fallacy in addition to your comprehensive and informative homepage. It was genuinely refreshing to come across your Web site, and I appreciate the degree to which you've devoted yourself to keeping the needs of others in mind during the course of your career.

If only more of the people with significant resources would put their energy into connecting with others and trying to make a difference!


Bravo your article & the various comments from E-mailers.

I too believe GWB is by no means smart enough to interact with the world's leaders let alone the many & varied

national & international problems. Baseball expertise, indeed. Just what we need in the oval office.

I pray more people wake up to what intelligence & experience are really worth before it is too late.

Sylvia Kimmel


My curiosity finally got the better of me and I clicked the banner on my Excite home page ... and I'm glad I did! Thank you very much for giving the public a look "behind the curtain" at what electing George W. Bush would do to our country. I know that this must have cost you quite a bit out of pocket, but I appreciate that you realized how important this message is.

Best wishes,

A good book on the lack of G. W. Bush's accomplishments is "Shurb: The
Short Political Life of George W. Bush" by Molly Ivens.  His resume is
not that great
From a Texas resident

I have heard very little about the law suit against George W. Bush's involvement with The Texas Funeral Commission. He clearly mis-used his authority as governor to save his personal friends from litigation in this case.

The Times magazine had Gore and Bush on the front cover. When I read the article on Bush, I was astound. They refer to the 'RABBIT" as now having Rolex, Beemers and so on.. The impression I got from it was. The "Rabbits" are owning too much, so someone got to stop. And George is their man to do it. Also, one has to wonder who are they implying about. What I can't understand is how the people chose not to re elect his father, and now thinks that his son could do better. This really smell fishy. I agree with your article 100%, people need to stop listen to what TV is telling them and do some researching, Americans need to read more. I tell you what those lazy ones will definetly be sorry if Bush wins. I still cannot understand why they feel like Bush will do better. This guy Loves, War, care nothing about our environment, and the rest of the world. He is definetly, one of the seal in revelation, that will unveil soon. America will get a wake up call.

Your pro-Gore home page was very interesting, as well as the anti Bush comments that preceded it (I entered from yahoo). As an independant observer (I live in England) I have to confess that I don't know as much as I should about the election, but from various articles that I've read, I dislike Bush intensely; he seems to represent exactly the same ideals that Margerat Thatcher stood for in the 80s, which socially was a nightmare for a large minority of the British population.......

Dear Mr. Kirsch, As a citizen I say bravo for your ad; more importantly, I admire what you did to the extent the the next time you do something like this, I will be priviledged to pay a proportional share. I know that you do not need the money, but its time that all of us contribute to the health of this country.

Thank you for trying to educate the masses about the LACK of results in the Texas educational system under Bush's "leadership". Anyone who has seriously examined GWB's record and background could not in good conscience vote for him. Yet my husband and I are flabbergasted and appalled that so many American people have been duped by dubya. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I sure hope your efforts, and ours, have not been in vain. Sincerely, Ann Rascati and John Cartwright.


I saw your banner on Yahoo.  Wow I was impressed.  I clicked over and read your information.  Living in Dallas, I was already very skeptical of the claims but that is not the reason for this note.

I wanted to thank you for paying for the banner.  It was great to see someone who feels strongly about an issue and backs it up with their time and money.  And to think, you didn't even offer me a 0.9% Visa card!!!

Hi Steve,

I'd like to thank you for the ad you placed on Yahoo! about Bush. I couldn't agree more with what you had to say and, as a recent MIT grad, I found it extremely refreshing to see that people like you care so much about the world outside of Silicon Valley and technology.

Thanks and keep up the good work! -Salman Khan

Dear Steve: I just saw your ad. I for one could not agree more. I like to refer to the Republican nominee as "son-of-read-my-lips". I can not understand the short memories of so many of our fellow citizens. I wish you were running, then I'd have someone to vote for, rather than casting a vote against. One thing that I didn't see in your ad that may also be relevant. There is an element in society trying to make this election a pro-life mandate. I find it disturbing that these pro-lifers ignore capital punishment and only talk about abortion - they seem to be doing this to justify "son-of-read-my-lips" as a pro-lifer. Texas executions say otherwise. I wish you Godspeed in getting the word out.


Karl Wetzel

I would like to thank you for finally stating something that my wife and I have seen as obvious from the start. Bush is not trust-worthy. He seems like a little boy who saw that his father was president and now he wants the country to play with for himself.

Neither candidate is perfect, but I can only hope the rest of America wakes up tomorrow and makes a decision to keep prosperity moving forward instead of stopping it dead and even reversing our good fortune.

Andre Wolosewicz

As an American citizen I simply wanted to express my gratitude for the full-page ad in the USA Today regarding the above-referenced matter. As many of us who reside in Texas have been saying to anyone who would listen, the so-called Texas "Miracle" has been nothing more than a shell game. We left San Juan Capistrano nine years ago to pursue a real estate development opportunity in Austin. However, we would not have considered it prior to our son's graduation from high school and his selection of a California university. I was born in the state and also educated in West Texas about the same time that George W. was attending schools in Midland. I suspected that not much had changed in the educational environment -- and sad to say -- it hasn't. Once again. Thank you and God Bless.

I saw your ad while checking my e-mail on yahoo, and clicked out of curiosity. I thought it was great. I've gotten so tired of listening to Bush distort the truth on his record in Texas (when you can get a specific answer out of him)--and the worst part is, you don't have to even research that deep to find the discrepancies. I'm pretty sure that *I* could have debated Bush in the first debate and won.

I guess this is what they mean by the dumbing down of America.

Sarah Frink, Kalamazoo MI

Hi Steve! I happened upon your ad while placing an order and couldn't agree with you more! I teach in Florida where the other Governor Bush is making a mess of education. He has instituted the A+ Program for schools in which all the schools compete for grades and bonus money. The A schools which are always in wealthy areas get bonus money for having good test scores. Meanwhile, the failing schools fall farther behind and have less funding to work with. Not to mention what this does to morale. A voucher program is also being promoted here in Florida. Parents are being encouraged to take their children to private schools using public money. The public schools are being left with the neediest children and less funding to meet their needs. Average teacher pay is much lower than the national average. I have a master's degree and have been teaching for seven years. My annual salary is under $30,000. I can't even afford to buy a house. Well, I got to put in my two cents worth. Have a feeling I'm preaching to the choir. Hope your advertisements wake up enough people before tomorrow's election. Good Luck! Steve

Thanks for debunking the education myth that Dubya is trying to win the White House with. I'm hoping enough undecided voters will read your work before it's too late. It is sad to read Bush supporters' reactions to your findings. They do not want to be confused by statistics and numbers, their lives are so much easier when someone tells them what to believe. But then I shouldn't be surprised. If Bush' followers cared about issues and facts, they wouldn't be Bush followers in the first place. So why the huge Bush following? I see ignorant people. I see greedy people. I see racists and homophobes. I see religious fundamentalists. What a dispicable coalition to gain political power with. I think I'll move to Europe.

Texan against Bush

I'm voting for Bush because he's a different kind of politician.

I love Bush because he has an uncanny ability to fool the American people into believing that he's honest. Most politicians would lie and be exposed, but when we catch Bush lying about an arrest that he had previously denied, we call it "low-brow" politics. No one focuses on this horrible lie, but rather we all focus on a supposed smear campaign that only smear the truth.

This man has high character. He is certainly a character, and he's been high for most of his life. What we need are more hypocritical drug abusers like Bush in office, and I'm proud to cast my vote for the Yale party animal.

Thank goodness someone is seeing the plain truth and is able to do something about it. I live in Texas, have for 30 years, and I can tell the difference between stupid and smart. The former he is, the latter he is not. Just yesterday, I read where he got his Texas driver's license number changed in 1995, because he was afraid this DUI thing would come out. Is this a coverup? Some people think a DUI is not important, but tell me, if you know someone who has been killed by someone drinking while intoxicated. . . . just how important would it be then? Anyone, not just him, are showing a complete lack of caring for their fellow human beings just by doing so. Now I find he didn't want it known!!!! Take responsibility!!!! Please vote for Gore!!

My #1 question is how can anyone take Bush seriously? He's unqualified, immature, insecure, unintelligent.....the list is endless. Bush will have to be a "puppet" for his cabinet--he will be unable to make any decisions on his own. I'm embarrassed at the thought of Bush meeting with foreign leaders and speaking in public. Why did the Republican Governors, etc., support/back him in the first place when they had McCain? Was it money/special interest? I'm thoroughly disgusted with Bush and all who support him. God help us if he really wins!

Thanks for allowing me to vent!

Thank you for taking your personal time and resources to set the record straight on Gov Bush’s educational achievements in Texas. I have been deeply disturbed by the nonpartisan Texas education statistics for some time now and confused about George W. Bush’s responses to that data. Please be aware that I have been voting for over 20 years and this will be the first time I have ever voted for a Democratic president. We have two children and cannot risk getting them off to a bad start in life with a Texas-style education system.

Best regards,

Ron Fussell

Dear Steve

As a resident of Texas, I agree that your insights are spot on regarding Bush.

I am curious, however, as to why no one ever cites the fact that as a business man" GW has lived a sheltered existence.

(1) He started and subsequently saw THREE oil businesses go bankrupt. (2) He was heavily involved in the Savings and Loan scandal, yet seemed to get pardoned by Dad while some of his colleagues went to jail. (3) His only successful business was the Texas Rangers. However, that position was handed to him and he still owes money to the city of Arlington, TX after the building of the new stadium

To me, #1 and #2 speak volumes for his inadequacy as a business man and his future inability to develop national policy related to anything financial. Yet, no one - including Al Gore - ever talks about these past dealings.

Conrad Earnest, Ph.D.

Thanks for your communication. I've been e-mailing media outlets asking why there has been almost no scrutiny of the "Texas miracle" in education. Let's face it. "W" is all about perception. He invests education dollars almost exclusively in preparation materials for a "dumbed-down" state test so that he and Texas can look good to the world. The fact that many of these students who pass the test can't read or think is not of concern to him. He knows that most people will look at these test scores and look no further and no deeper. It's the same way he's packaged himself to the American public during this campaign. Why bother to understand the issues when it's enough to simply look and sound like you know what you're talking about. There's a big difference in learning enough to pass the test (read survive the debates) and possessing real knowledge. To paraphrase the children's story, when you examine the man and his record, "the governor has no clothes." I'll be on my knees with you Tuesday night.

its unfortunate that the American public doesn't know the things we Texans know about George w. bush. it's a fact that he has been arrested for cocaine use, been arrested for cocaine use in the company of prostitutes, is a convicted drunk driver and takes glee in murdering so many prisoners. last but not least, he's really an ignorant man with a below average ability to understand facts and data. this might be an important skill for the president of the united states to have.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your very informative website. I am a Texan. Currently, I attend Spelman College, a historically black all female institution, in Atlanta, Ga. I became interested in politics at a very young age, and frankly it hurts me to see how politics have been dominated by lies and money schemes to make the rich richer and the poor, poorer. I was very upset when Bush was chosen to be governor of Texas. I am a minority woman (African-American) and I had a feeling from the start that Bush was a racist, money seeking, liar. Since Bush has become governor, affirmative action in the state of Texas ceases to exist, a new motion to close all Historically Black Colleges has been suggested, and a number of inmates on death row have been executed. I ask myself is Bush the devil himself? I do not believe that Bush has the common good of society in mind. He is greedy and wants money as well as power. I truly believe that he is a bigot and that if he wins the presidency that all minorities in America will experience a form of institutionalized slavery. Bush says he's done so much for education, then why is HISD, a school district in Houston, my hometown, lacking the resources that are needed to guarantee a rich education for the children of our future? Nothing that Bush says had credibility as far as I am concerned. He had a known cocaine habit as well as a long battle with alcoholism from which he claims he has recovered, but who is to say that when things in the white house get a little tough that he won't turn to the bottle or a needle for comfort? I support Al Gore for this election, not because he is the greatest, but because he is the lesser of two evils. If Gore were a bit stronger and more convincing with his platform maybe he'd be okay, hopefully he will get there if he is to run this country. I would love it if Bill Clinton could be president forever! He made mistakes but he is human, and I believe that his heart is in the right place! God forbid that Bush should win and shoot everything that our ancestors worked so dearly for to HELL!!

Dear Steve,

I just stumbled across your website material on Texas and education under Bush while sending my wife an anniversary card. It's wonderful! I'm afraid, though, that no amount of facts is going to make any difference to Bush's supporters. I guess one could at least argue that Bush's wide support is the best evidence yet for the dismal state of American education. But keep up the good work!


Gary Reger

Steve, Thanks for the TRUTH !! I hope every fence sitter can read your well documented ad. As one other wrote the die hard Republicans don't even know who they are voting for. It's not going to be GW running the show it's gong to be the likes of Cheney and George Senior's old cronies. Which will more than likely put the economy right back in the dumper. No matter how many DOCUMENTED FACTS you present to these dead heads they totally ignore them. All they do is shout you down and drown you out if you have any intelligent facts to present. It doesn't matter that JEB, NEIL, and GEORGE Senior, personally cost every taxpayer over $30 million dollars in the S&L Failures. Our governor Ol' JEB stuffed his pockets with over $4.3 million himself. (Total loan was for $4.6 Million but don't forget daddy Bush was VP at the time.) How anyone can trust any of that clan is beyond me. The short memory of the American Public is what the Republicans always use to their favor. I sat and watched every debate and every time a hard question was put to GW he evaded the entire issue. Example was the Affirmative Action issue he Texas 2-stepped around that and ended up blaming Gore for not following the RULES of the DEBATE. Yet my co workers all think he won the debate. I can't understand how you can win a debate if you don't answer the questions. M.A.Spino

Thank you for exposing these important facts to the public. I can only hope that they will listen. I have heard the media echoeing what you have said about Bush and his failure as Texas governor but I don't think the Bush supporters are listening. It's disgusting that the same man who stresses accountability for the nation, is the same man who lied to the government on his resumes and the nation about his alcoholism and dui charge and then blames it on the democrats. Oh yeah, that's really taking responsibility for your actions. I encourage everyone to go out of their way to make it to the polls on Tuesday. That way if Bush wins, you know it's not your fault.

A.P. Fort Drum,NY

P.S. Have you noticed Bush hasn't found any good dirt on Al Gore? That's because Gore's record is clean.

I noted in some of the feedback you posted that it was from folks in the "Gore Choir". I, too, am a member of that choir as are my husband, my parents, my siblings and most of the folks in my office. I want to thank you for the informative and enlightening pages you provided on Mr. Bush's assertions that he would be an "education" president. I sincerely hope that independents and Republicans who might have doubts about Bush have accessed, read and understood the information you provided and that you have been successful in swaying their votes. I am most fearful, however, that it may be too late. Nonetheless, I want to thank you for your attempt to persuade voters with facts in lieu of the usual sound bite-30 second drivel for folks with ADD that most people rely on to make this most important decision.

While the non-profit for which I work is not of the type to benefit from your generous giving (I work at a legal aid agency), I appreciate the extent of your giving and encourage you and others to continue to do so for those agencies that you support. Thank you for your efforts, Linda Warren Seely

Thanks for running the web ad. Hope it does some good ... though the American public seems to want to stay frighteningly ill-informed about that bozo from Texas. MK in KC

Thank you for your exposition of the truth regarding Fuzzy GW Bush. Alas, I fear that those misguided morons who have already decided to vote for this amiable ignoramus will be unmoved by your information. Their motto is: "Don't confuse me with facts." How could any thinking person choose Bush to face up to the tough and intelligent and wily professional politicians who lead influential countries such as Germany, France, the UK, and slippery customers such as Arafat? I fear for our future! Keep up the good work (though I fear it may be a lost cause). -- Lindsay Lafford

I am a Texan who realizes Bush does not really have any plan to better Texas or the USA...he just wants the position to be able to play President. Can we afford that?


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