Rebecca Cohn Goals



        Every child in California has health insurance by 2015

        Reduce the incidence of childhood obesity by 25% by 2015

        Reduce the incidence of asthma in children by 25% by 2015

        Reduce the number of teen pregnancies by 25% by 2015


Domestic Violence


        Reduce the number of domestic violence related deaths in California by 50% by 2015

        Reduce the number of domestic violence incidences by 25% by 2015

        Increase the number of shelters for women and children leaving violent relationships to meet demand by 2015.




        Have every elementary school student read at grade level or above by 2010

        By 2010 provide every high school graduate in California an opportunity to attend college.




        Every school age child will know the value of recycling by 2010.

        Improve the air quality in California by 10% by 2015.

        Reduce California children's exposure to pesticides by 30% by 2010.


Improving California's Business Climate


        Reactivate the Manufacturer's Investment Tax Credit to keep manufacturing jobs in California.

        Create a state-wide strategy to facilitate expansion of Broadband by 2006

        Promote and enact a film production tax credit to keep this vital element of California's economic engine from being shipped out of state by 2006

        Assist in modifying workers compensation policy to reduce premiums for employers by 5% by 2006