Zoe Lofgren Goals

Make a safer world by reducing nuclear weapons, purchasing and otherwise securing plutonium supplies internationally and working through international organizations to reduce the growth of extremism.

Reduce or eliminate youth gangs in America through intervention and alternative programs.

Nurture a generation of young people who have hope for the future, who expect to succeed and who have the ambition and opportunity to achieve academically. Make advanced education a known and realistic opportunity for all American children.

Fund investments in science and technology and adopt policies so that the United States has the most advanced research in the world.

Reduce reliance on fossil fuels and develop energy independence from the Middle East

Lead the world in taking steps to reverse climate change so that climate change begins to reverse before the year 2035, using a combination of techniques to reduce pollution and recapture carbon.

Develop high speed rail transport to reduce the need for short hop aircraft and facilitate commerce among the states

Develop an economy where everyone who has prepared for work can find it and where work pays enough to support families.

Provide quality universal public preschool for all children whose parents want them to attend, increasing brain development and cognitive skills before the age of five.

Make health care universally available to all Americans.

Reduce the current budget deficit and provide for a budget that more nearly balances expenditures and income within the next ten years, while maintaining obligations to both young and old.

Reform America's immigration system so that processes are efficient, families are reunited and the American economy is well served.

Restore integrity to the American political system by fighting corruption in both the legislative and executive branch and providing for a reasonable way to fund campaigns.

Ensure a society where every element - especially those whose members have experienced exclusion in the past - is embraced as an essential component of America and where every person feels, and realistically so, that they and their family have a future in our country.

Develop a nation where the current philosophy of "every man for himself" is replaced with an understanding that we are all in the same boat.

Develop an American culture that is marked by acceptance and tolerance for people of varied beliefs and ensure that this culture of tolerance is celebrated in every geographic sector of the nation.

Nurture a society that values literature, science and the arts.

Keep America safe from terrorism by deploying technology: integrating international, federal, state and local law enforcement prevention efforts and engaging in an international strategy to deny funds to terrorists and to combat the growth of terrorism by spreading tolerance and prosperity around the world.

Keep the American democracy safe by ensuring that free speech, civil liberties and diversity of opinion flourish.