Feedback on Winning in 2004

From: Josh Richman 
Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 11:41 AM
To: Steve Kirsch
Subject: Re: for patrick

I did read it and I agree with most of what you have to say
We need our version of a Contract with America. We need something
marketable, catchy, and something that both energizes our base and reaches
out to disaffected voters.
A lot of people spoke about it before the election in 2002 and nothing came
of it. Bush successfully changed the debate to Iraq and, as the old adage
goes, "Whoever defines the debate wins the debate."
As you said, we need 10 bulletpoints saying what we stand for, why we're
right and they're wrong, and what we will do if we controlled Congress.
The toughest part is establishing 10 promises that will go over well with
the Blue Dogs, the CBC, and everyone in between.
When we go from the abstract to the specifics, it becomes very difficult
(but not impossible)
There are rumors circulating about some moderate Dems who are considering
switching parties. We can't afford to lose any more seats, so our
discipline can't be too draconian. But we need to all be reading from the
same playbook.
We DO need to stand form something collectively and to do so, we need more
party discipline
But we need to balance that with the knowledge that our members come from
rural Kentucky as well as inner city Chicago.
Have you been in touch with any members of the House leadership?
I'll let you know what Patrick's take is on this and any feedback he may
Thanks again for everything you do.


From: Andrea Dew []
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 8:42 AM
To: Steve Kirsch
Subject: RE: lesson 7

I will forward all of this information on to Susie.
She does not have a working email right now so I will fax her.
She will be thrilled to read your plan.

You have so many interesting ideas, Steve.
I am so with you on the need for leadership and vision.

I just would like to say, very respectfully, that I passionately believe
that women and minorities need to be part of the decision making process
every step of the way.
"When women vote, Democrats win." They need to help craft the message. If
women are not at the table creating the vision, the message will not appeal
to them. All of the consultants you mentioned, were white men. All of the
leaders were white men with the exception of Nancy Pelosi. We need to have
Senators Clinton, Stabenow, and Murray at the table. Pollster Celinda Lake,
political consultant Mary Hughes, media consultant Mandy Grunwald, and Donna
Brazil should be there as well. I spoke about this with Mike Lux.