A private tour of my new high tech house

It was four years in the making and it cost less than $10M.

I'm talking about the house, not the video!

But now you can see the results of our efforts on the web.

This video initially aired at the  Digital Living Room conference June 21, 1999 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel.

The video was put together by myself, a TV crew from Channel 11, and David Coursey in about eight hours. Coursey helped me with my lines, and added the funny subtitles (and he appears in two cameo appearances).



We love your techhouse video. We are in this industry and believe you
have demonstrated all the wrong ways, and wrong reasons, to do electronic
integration. Would it be possible for us to download your video? We want
to show it to potential clients, employees and industry friends.

Thank you
AudioVisions, Inc.


Tour of my new high tech house (MPG file; 26 Mb; 12 minutes)
"The house that shagged me," PC World
"Digital Living Room Brings Wireless to Your House," LA Times, Jun 28, 1999
"My House Is a Very Fine House ... But," Newsweek, Jul 5, 1999

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